In Celebration of Motherhood

RATIONALE is delighted to present the Puddle Mirror 2.0, in collaboration with artist Ella Saddington of Cordon Salon, a Melbourne-based interdisciplinary studio.

As a celebration of our 30th milestone anniversary—and our central theme, the Brilliance of Technique—we are highlighting artists, creatives, makers, and thinkers who embody these values in their practice. Ella is one such artist, who works with traditional techniques and silvering methods to create limited edition, installation artworks.

There are many synchronicities that tie RATIONALE and Cordon Salon; the intersection of light and luminosity, the fusion of chemistry and creativity. It is this shared vision and passion for technique which sets the foundation for this collaboration, and the creation of this one-of-a-kind artwork.

The Puddle Mirror 2.0

A completely unique prototype, this double-faced mirror is designed to reflect and refract ambient light from both inside and outside our Flagship doors. Multichromatic, its ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour is determined by the outside world and designed to draw the eye—a subtle nod to our signature Essential Six Collections and colours.

When engaging with this artwork, we invite our Clients to take a moment of stillness—to immerse themselves within this piece, and to ponder the luminous reflection that appears.

The Artist

Ella is an artist, maker, curator, and creative director of Cordon Salon. Alongside this, she fosters, supports, and champions the institutions and individuals that contribute to a diverse and resilient creative community by establishing a not-for-profit (new assemblage) in 2020 after identifying the need for a greater diversity of interdisciplinary practices within the Australian creative industries. Through New Assemblage, she produces and curates exhibitions and programs to support emerging artists, designers and craftspeople.