Research Paper 01

Examining the Impact of Solar Protection and Repair Skincare on Skin Health-Related Genes.

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

Paper Summary

The White Paper investigates the impact the RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition Formulations have on gene expression changes post-application of solar protection and repair Formulations, aiming to mitigate skin damage from solar radiation.
Specifically, the research underscores the effectiveness of RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition Formulations in enhancing various aspects of skin health. These enhancements include a 278% increase in barrier defence, an 86,000% boost in antioxidant protection, a 389% improvement in solar and environmental protection, a 409% enhancement in barrier repair, a 142% recalibration of pH levels, and a remarkable 1,251% increase in cellular turnover.

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Paper Details


Up-Regulated Expression of ICAM1, MT1A, PTGS2, LCE3D, PPARD, and GM-CSF2 Following Solar Skincare Protection and Repair Strategies in a 3-Dimensional Reconstructed Human Skin Model.

Formulations of Focus:

RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition.


In this research, 67 genes responsible for skin health were upregulated—including genes responsible for …
Barrier defence by 278% 
Antioxidant protection by 86,000%
Solar and environmental protection by 389%
Barrier repair by 409%
pH recalibration by 142%
Cellular turnover by 1,251%

Explained by Founder and Direction of Research, Richard Parker