An Introduction to RATIONALE

The Signature Skin Consultation

Complexion perfection begins with a customised and comprehensive consultation experience.

During this enlightening hour, your RATIONALE Skin Consultant will skilfully examine your skin’s unique profile, as well as understand your current routine and prescribe an at-home ritual to achieve your skin goals.

60 minutes / $110

The Science

A luxurious double cleanse is followed by in-depth Skin Analysis under magnification light. Then, UV Diagnostic Images are captured to reveal your skin’s dynamics at every layer.

The Ritual

An at-home ritual and treatment plan will then be tailored for you, featuring a curation of formulations from The Essential Six Collections. This personalised ritual is expertly customised according to the individual needs of your skin.

The Experience

The Signature Skin Consultation is concluded with an introductory Facial Treatment to revitalise your complexion with instant luminosity and deliver a moment of uninterrupted bliss.

60 minutes / $110