The Integrity Cleansing Duo
The Integrity Cleansing Duo
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The Integrity Cleansing Duo

Two Piece Set


A nourishing cleansing Ritual with #4 The PreCleanse Balm 50ml and our multi-award-winning #4 The Cleanser 200ml. This hydrating duo is crafted to deliver exceptional skin restoration for all skin types. 

Offered at a 10% discount reward price.

Gently cleanses
Amplifies suppleness
Fine lines and wrinkles

The Formulations

#4 The Precleanse Balm

Nourishing Cleansing Balm

#4 The Cleanser

Gentle Cream Cleanser

The Ritual

Double cleansing involves cleansing your face using two Formulations.

The first cleanse is to cut through any stubborn makeup or SPF.

The second is to remove additional debris and excess oils, ensuring optimal preparation for night-time actives.
Emulsify a pearl-sized amount of #4 The PreCleanse balm between your hands to soften.

Massage over dry skin. 
Remove with tepid water or a warm face cloth. 

Follow with 1 to 2 pumps of #4 The Cleanser. 

Massage deeply into the skin before rinsing clean.

#4 The Cleanser

"The ultimate winner in every way. It removes impurities effectively while enriching and fortifying the skin’s barrier for unparalleled skin health. Get ready for a luminous and thrilling experience."

— Dr Shammi Theesan, Dermatologist

The Results

#4 The PreCleanse Balm

100% reported increased skin calmness.
100% experienced improved suppleness.
95% noticed a firmer and more uplifted appearance.

#4 The Cleanser

77% reported improved skin calmness and nourishment.
73% noticed increased suppleness.
73% experienced enhanced hydration.

*Based on a 28-day trial with 20 participants

The Actives

#4 The PreCleanse Balm

A signature Skin Identical Ceramide Complex and Intercellular Lipids fortify barrier function and integrity by replenishing the skin's lipid matrix.

Our unique profile of Lipid-soluble Antioxidants alleviates oxidative stress, reducing visible signs of free radical damage.

A defining suite of Complex Lipids nourishes and reinforces the skin, replenishing natural lipid barrier reserves while preventing Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) to encourage hydration.

#4 The Cleanser

Our proprietary Skin Identical Ceramide Complex replenishes the skin’s intercellular matrix to fortify skin barrier function and integrity.

A unique accord of Intercellular Lipids supports the skin’s natural lipid barrier reserves to nourish and moisturise the skin.

A signature blend of surfactants gently cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling comforted, softer and more supple.

The Research

#4 The PreCleanse Balm

A nightly cleansing Ritual helps replenish the Stratum Corneum—the outermost layer of the skin—which diminishes due to ageing and environmental damage. Skin lipid esters break down surface debris, including sunscreen and makeup, while strengthening the skin's barrier.

#4 The Cleanser

Foaming cleansers can strip the skin of nutrients and lipids, increasing dehydration and reactivity. A balanced blend of intercellular Lipids, Vitamins, and Botanicals can gently remove daily debris, such as sunscreen and pollution, while reinforcing the Stratum Corneum's barrier.