The Vitality Collection

“Energy is eternal delight.”

– William Blake 

A revitalising suite of formulations, The Vitality Collection simultaneously delivers superlative skin rejuvenation and intensive antioxidant nourishment. Valiant environmental protection is conveyed via a precious combination of Skin Identical antioxidants, reawakening youthful vibrancy and radiance. 

The Research

Human skin possesses a perfectly balanced network of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins that work in unison to prevent the formation of harmful, ageing free radicals and glycation products resulting from daily environmental exposure.

These are the building blocks of healthy, glowing skin, boosting skin firmness and elasticity, while helping to control pigmentation and refine surface texture.

As we age, and as a result of sun and environmental damage, our natural levels of skin antioxidants are diminished, making topical supplementation essential.

Based on historical RATIONALE research on skin behaviour and characteristics.