RATIONALE 线上焕采肌肤咨询

RATIONALE 在线护肤顾问通过电话、视频电话、实时聊天和电子邮件这四种独特的咨询方式,为客户提供专业知识和指导

A Superlative Service

Luminous Skin for Life begins with a comprehensive consultation experience. 

RATIONALE Client Experience Consultants deliver their expertise and guidance via four unique consultation methods: phone, video call, live chat and email. 

Upon registering your details below, a Consultant will connect with you at a time of your choosing, revealing everything your skin needs to achieve optimal vitality and luminosity. 

Based on an assessment of your skin images, this virtual experience concludes with your Consultant tailoring your at-home ritual, and is supported by ongoing Skin Reviews to address your skin’s changing needs.