The Brilliance Glow Facial

Lit-From-Within Skin

45 mins / $216

Series of 3 x 45 mins / $584

Series of 6 x 45 mins / $1,103

This bespoke Treatment experience is designed to hydrate, refine, and smooth skin. An Enzyme Reactivation Complex reawakens the skin’s inherent glow by gently resurfacing the texture and amplifying hydration. Essential Vitamins and Antioxidants are infused via facial massage techniques, followed by LED Light Therapy to restore deep radiance.

Ideal for all skin types, this immersive Facial Treatment is designed to inspire individualised results.

The Experience

Phase 1. A luxurious double cleanse removes all traces of makeup, SPF, and daily debris, delivering a clean and clear complexion, ready for the next phase of treatment.

Phase 2. A tailored Enzyme Reactivation gently resurfaces the skin’s texture, promoting hydration and an even tone, while preparing it for optimal absorption of essential Vitamins.

Phase 3. A Vitamin Mask is deeply infused using circulatory massage to encourage blood flow and promote a healthy glow.

Phase 4. This enlightening experience concludes with LED Light Therapy and an uplifting massage sequence.

The Research

Enzyme Reactivation

A tailored application of Pyruvic or Lactic Acid reactivates vital youth enzymes by re-acidifying the skin’s pH to a youthful, acidic level—this optimises hydration and evens skin tone.

Vitamin Infusion

A nourishing Vitamin Oil Infusion and Mask are selected to target your skin goals. Formulated to optimise skin integrity and refinement, a powerful Complex of Antioxidants brightens the complexion and restores radiance.